WHOA! BIG UFC Fighter Snuck It In Pic With Anti-Trump Celebs – They’re FURIOUS!

Every liberal celebrity in Hollywood proudly wears their hate from President Donald Trump as if it was the hottest designer attire. Most don’t even know or care about the first thing in politics however love the attention they get from being fake activist against Trump and literally every little thing he does. They wield their words against him as a weapon they don’t wish to ban, thinking they have the ability to sway people to hate him. However, not everybody in Hollywood blindly follows their fake rage, particularly one UFC fighter who simply showed up with real rage.

Fighting superstar Tito Ortiz is a Hispanic-American and by all liberal accounts should hate Trump, particularly his plans to build a wall between America and Mexico, where his father is from. Not falling into the leftist trap and actually thinking for himself, Ortiz supports our president supported what he’s seen him do to make America great again. He’s been fighting for Trump since he campaigned and warned his liberal counterparts in Tinseltown that he wasn’t attending to stop…and hasn’t.

They didn’t listen and now he simply showed up to a movie premiere with a serious message that sent them all into a fit of rage.

Ortiz showed up to Gerard Butler’s movie premiere for hacksaw Ridge wearing a nice black blazer and looking sharp as usual however had a special hidden message below his jacket. He got a chance to meet up with the butler himself and right before sitting with the star, Ortiz casually unbuttoned his blazer exposing what his shirt aforesaid underneath, right in time for the camera to catch it.

“Ortiz posted a photo of himself to his Instagram account captioned, Daily Caller reported. “’Got a chance to take a pic with @GerardButler (thanks) at the premiere of #HacksawRidge #MelGibson director amazing work.’ He is clearly wearing a Trump/Pence short under his black jacket.”

What’s especially nice regarding this slick move is that the movie’s director, Mel Gibson, is especially outspoken about his hate for President Trump. Now, this photo will forever be attached to Hacksaw Ridge publicity that is pretty well-played for expressing your difference of opinion while not having attacked anyone or called them names.

The fighter’s support of our president is an extra burn to liberal celebrities considering that he’s Hispanic. He’s not alone in being open about his unpopular opinion in Hollywood, Ortiz’s girlfriend Amber Nichole Miller is additionally extremely happy with our president.

The 42-year-old UFC Hall of Famer was previously spotted at a Trump rally in Anaheim, Calif., during the then candidate’s campaign. He was caught during a controversial image from that rally which riled up plenty of liberals and celebrities across the country, since he proudly held up a sign that said, “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends.” Doubling down on his awesomely assertive approach, he later joined during a chant shouting, “build that wall!”

According to Yahoo Sports:

“Ortiz, whose father is from Mexico, posted a picture on Instagram alongside Donald Trump with the caption ‘Proud to support @RealDonaldTrump #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.’ Some took issue with Ortiz’s support of Trump considering the Republican candidate’s stance on immigration laws. However, Ortiz is just one of many from the Latino community who support Trump.”

“’History will repeat itself,’ Ortiz posted on Instagram with an image that showed the similarities between Trump and former president Ronald Reagan. ‘I want safe borders. I want our country not to be lied too [sic] and our troops too [sic] have faith in our leader.’”

“Ortiz joins others from the MMA community, which includes UFC president Dana White, UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, former middleweight champion Chris Weidman and current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate, in endorsing the business tycoon-turned-presidential candidate.”

n a time when every professional sports star and Hollywood celebrity appears to be against our president, it’s incredible to see that the important badasses like Ortiz, aren’t afraid to go against the grain. These huge stars have used their public platforms to deepen the divide and discontent in our nation, then blame it on Trump. Ortiz is proving that you can be the son of an immigrant father from Mexico, who came to America the correct way, allowed his boy to really achieve huge dreams, and acknowledge that is specifically what Trump wants to market with immigration reform. He could have used his heritage against Trump to push an agenda however would have been lying to himself regarding the issues, and everyone else.

Ortiz isn’t just a champion in the ring, he’s a champion of truth even if it makes him one of the least popular stars in his celebrity circle.

Featured Image Source. H/T FreedomDaily



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