Trump Triggers Rachel Maddow Into Complete Meltdown — It’s One For The Ages

Its a well known fact that Rachel Maddow is hardcore against Trump. Surely, she’s made her demonstrate an asylum for individuals from ‘The Resistance’ to escape to, to discover comfort in her talk.

She’s goaded them with paranoid ideas and phony data like the scandalous assessment form discharge, which drew an extraordinary group of onlookers for a major let down and really demonstrated that yes, President Donald Trump paid expenses, as opposed to the exertion by Democrats to claim generally.

In a demonstrate half a month prior, Maddow pushed a false account about the snare in Niger by Islamic aggressors that as of late brought about the passing of four Green Berets. She guaranteed that Trump adding Chad to the travel boycott brought about the passings. Indeed, even the liberal Huffington Post got down on her about it and she was immediately exposed by specialists who clarified that one had nothing to do with the other, regardless of her connivance pushing.

From Huffington Post:

Andrew Lebovich, a PhD competitor in African History at Columbia University and a meeting individual with the European Council on Foreign Relations, got out the portion on Twitter, contending, “these things are not connected, they need to do with zones on exacting inverse closures of the nation.”

And the sky is the limit from there:

Maddow’s hypothesis on the trap drew sharp feedback from specialists comfortable with the area, including collaborator teacher Laura Seay of Colby College’s Department of Government, who addressed HuffPost’s Willa Frej after Maddow’s fragment publicized.

“No, that is insane,” Seay said of Maddow’s recommendation that Chadian troops were doing combating ISIS in Niger. “Everyone that I know is dismayed by this. I might want to believe that Maddow’s analysts are more mindful.”

After Maddow protected her Niger providing details regarding Friday, Seay tweeted at the MSNBC host to “deal with the certainties.”

Maddow “disclosed to her gathering of people that the Chadians were shielding regular citizens from ISIS,” Seay composed. “They were most certainly not.”

Janet Malcolm of The New Yorker nailed Maddow’s show, calling it “a bit of sleight of hand displayed as a link news appear. It is TV amusement at its finest. It licenses liberals to have a ball amid what might be the most completely unenjoyable time of their political lives.”

Following a time of her insane hypotheses, it appears to be suitable for the commemoration of President Donald Trump’s race win this week to return to Maddow’s notable emergency after Trump won. Here’s an embodiment of it with a little Batman tossed in for no particular reason. Watch the smile get wiped off her face.She derided Trump, relying on those surveys that anticipated that Hillary Clinton would win 98%. She guaranteed Trump couldn’t win the hurl up states yet regardless of the possibility that he won all the hurl ups, and ‘nobody wins all the hurl ups,’ he would even now lose.

What’s more, obviously, Trump won the swing states and left liberals absolutely in stun.

State by state – Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania – the states succumbed to Donald Trump, and left Maddow and other media totally in distress and stun.

As Batman says and she discovered, decisions are not won by surveys, they’re won by votes

And after that she conveyed the great tirade.

“You’re wakeful, coincidentally. You’re not having an appalling awful dream. No, you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to damnation. This is your life now. This is our decision now. This is us. This is our nation. It’s genuine.”

Glad commemoration!

Featured Image Source. H/T The Federalist Papers, Allen B.West.

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