Trump Just Pissed Everyone Off With The AWESOME New Picture That Went Up In White House!!

The White house is full of historical items and artifacts that represent our nation’s history, however perhaps none are so controversial as what President Donald Trump simply donned the walls of the West Wing with today. Among the painted items of notable figures in our nation’s history, is a new framed piece of work that comes with a transparent message that can’t be ignored. Now, idiots everywhere are furious regarding what our leader had the guts to place up that we’re pretty positive his supporters are going to love.

The First Family is getting comfortable in their new home, even as the Obamas did in their disrespectful method that nobody appeared to have a problem with. When Trump moved in and started putting his personal touch on the People’s House, all hell broke loose with accusations of tactless style that his predecessor never got once hosting rappers and their wives. Whether people agree or disagree with what our President simply placed on the walls, he had the right to celebrate his ending in the way he selected to decorate.

The White House isn’t just a place wherever the president lives, it’s a monument that represents milestones in leadership throughout our nation’s history. Perhaps not one leader has been so controversial as our current Commander-in-Chief who overcame all odds to call this place home. Due to that, he has each right to document this unbelievable feat with a framed piece that shows precisely how that happened.

The media tried to portray that Trump’s opposition, Hillary Clinton, had an enormous lead in the presidential race. However, one image proved that wrong, that has currently become the West Wing’s latest and perhaps most extraordinary piece of artwork.

Trump didn’t become president by a mere margin — he won by a landslide of votes wherever it counted most. The electoral college is the deciding vote and therefore the now infamous image of that way each space of every state went has become its own modern art on display within the White House, and for good reason.

Trey Yingst was among the first to spot this new show and seemingly while not realizing the can of controversy he was opening with this Tweeted image of it, he merely stated, ” Spotted: a map to be hung somewhere in the West Wing.” The image of the electoral college Map from the election Trump sweptwing in 2016 accompanied his sentiment and enraged idiots round the country who couldn’t fathom why Trump would show such a factor.

It’s unknown at what purpose these Democratic degenerates forgot who they were talking regarding — thinking that somehow it had been out of character for Trump to brag. Once it’s his right to do so by having earned it through honest means and against all odds, he ought to display that success since it sends a message regarding what America is all about. Trump was truthful in his lead and also the media wasn’t, however, this is picture proof of that bias and that the american dream can be accomplished despite any person against you, and needs to be displayed for that reason..

Perhaps the most humorous part of the outrage over this imaging in the West Wing is that the same those who publically express however tasteless and gross it is, in their opinion, were in support of a wife using the table her husband received repellant sexual favors at throughout his time in office. I think what it comes right down to is that the reality hurts and regardless of how much some people in America hate Trump, they can’t deny that he lawfully painted the country red in approval of him.

It’s usually said that “a picture says a thousand words” however this one speaks volumes beyond that. Trump beat supposed frontrunner Hillary Clinton by far more than a thousand electoral college votes. This wasn’t simply a victory for him, but for the Americans those who were heard and need to have the piece of our country’s history commemorated on the wall of the White House. Every little girl and boy in America with a dream to create a difference and become president someday can do that, just like Trump did as a non-career politician. That’s important and a part of what makes America great.

Featured Image Source. H/T FreedomDaily

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