School Loses It After 7th-Grader Buys Perfect “Fake News” Shirt for CNN Field Trip

There is little question that many mainstream media outlets have it out for President Donald Trump — chief among them CNN — as evidenced by the network’s incessant negative coverage consisting largely of misleading stories and occasional lies.

Therefore Trump has labeled the network as “fake news,” with Jim Acosta a CNN White House correspondent earning the network the label “very fake news” due to his history of deliberate clashes and grandstanding during press briefings.
The label that had been given to CNN is now popular with the general public, so much so that even some children are referring to the network by the mocking moniker but not so much with some adults who are still incapable to handle this, as was recently reported by Fox News.

A seventh-grade boy named Jaxon Jester attracted attention from the teachers and parents when he was seen wearing a shirt that said “FNN – Fake News Network” while on a school field trip to the CNN studios in Atlanta.

One of the teachers forced the boy to change his shirt before starting the trip.

Though no real reason has yet been given as to why, this may be a violation of his First Amendment right of free speech and expression, said his parents, not to mention hypocritical on the part of the school, as other recent expressions of “free speech” have been permitted in other venues.

Stan Jester who is Jaxon’s father and also a board member of the DeKalb County School District — wrote a powerfull blog post about the school’s lack of consistency in handling free speech issues and the incident that pointed that out.

Refering to a current nearby occasion in which students took a knee during the national anthem and were guarded by the school as practicing their right to free speach, Jester wondered why his own son’s right to free speech was restrained.

“This year when the CNN tour was announced, my 7th grade son Jaxon asked me if he could purchase an FNN-Fake News Network shirt to wear for his field trip,” Jester wrote. “As a advocate for the First Amendment, I agreed to his request.

“His mother cautioned him that he might cause a controversy and needed to be prepared for that,” he continued. “He was fully aware of the implications of his decision and made the affirmative choice to wear his shirt.”
After his son had been sent off to school, Jester received a call from the principal letting him know that his son had been forced to change the shirt.

“I’m disappointed by the hypocrisy of this decision,” stated Jester. “Some students are celebrated when they make a controversial display during the National Anthem. My student was forced to remove his shirt because someone didn’t like it.”
“I defend speech and expression, even if I disagree, or it makes me uncomfortable,” he added, an assessment America’s freedom of speech used to be firmly based upon.

But apparently some adults on the field trip disagreed with or felt uncomfortable about the message displayed by Jaxon’s shirt, and it is noteworthy that the Jesters received an apology from the school for what happened, even as other adults have cast blame on the parents for the allowing the incident to occur in the first place.
Some adults argued if the boy had the right to wear the chosen shirt or not, given the message on it and the destination of the field trip.

Featured Image Source. H/T Conservative Tribune

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