Outspoken Trump Critic George Takei Accused Of Drugging A Man And Attempted Rape

Former Star Trek Actor George Takei has been a to a great degree blunt faultfinder against Donald Trump and is a pleased LGBT advocate. Much of the time the individuals who censure the loudest, are really the most liable. As indicated by late claims, Takei once medicated a man and endeavored to assault him.

Previous male model Scott Brunton recounted his story to the Hollywood Reporter. “We have the drink and he inquires as to whether I might want another. What’s more, I said ‘Beyond any doubt.’ So, I have the second one, and after that out of the blue, I start feeling exceptionally perplexed and tipsy, and I thought I would go out. I said I have to take a seat and he said sit here and he had the goliath yellow beanbag seat. So I sat down in that and inclined my head back and I more likely than not go out,” clarified Brunton.

“The following thing I recollect that I was coming to and he had my jeans down around my lower legs and he was grabbing my groin and attempting to get my clothing off and groping me in the meantime, endeavoring to get his hands down my clothing,” said Brunton. Brunton could get away.

Takei is one of those activists who supposes you ought to dependably trust the casualty. But, obviously, with regards to himself.

“Companions, I’m writing to react to the allegations made by Scott R. Bruton. I need to guarantee all of you that I am as stunned and dazed at these cases as you should feel understanding them. The occasions he portrays back in the 1980s essentially did not happen, and I don’t know why he has guaranteed them now. I have wracked my cerebrum to inquire as to whether I recollect Mr. Brunton, and I can’t state I do,” composed Takei on twitter.

Featured Image Source, H/T Conservative101.

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