Mother Loses Her Entire Family After Illegal Kills Them, Now She’s Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

During Barack Obama’s presidency, our southern borders were flooded with illegal immigrants running into our country inflicting chaos and disturbance. These illegals are allowed free reign to travel where ever they please without consequence despite the general public outcry for it to end. Sadly, nothing was done for eight years, and innocent Americans suffered at the hands of those criminals who were able to commit horrific acts of violence. One among those victims could be a Texas wife and mother who lost her husband and 2 of her children at the hands of an illegal immigrant, and once receiving little justice for the flagitious crime, she is now taking matters into her own hands.

For the last year, there has been intense debate over the topic of illegal immigrants in our country and also the need to deport them. The left has been busy controversy that these illegals simply need a better life and if you need to deport these “hard-working” immigrants you’re a racist, however that’s hardly the case. It seems that each day we tend to hear of another story of an illegal immigrant committing acts of violence against America voters, yet the left sits by and does nothing.

However, that will be about to change once one woman who has suffered a tremendous loss is taking matters into her own hands.

Courtney Hacking’s life changed forever when an illegal immigrant crashed into her automobile instantly killing her husband Peter, 4-year-old daughter Ellie and 22-month-old son Grayson on March 31, 2016. The illegal immigrant, Margarito Quintero-Rosales was arrested and charged for the crime, however rather than him receiving a lifetime behind bars for taking three lives he only received two years and then is deported back to his country.

Of course, this is often not sitting well with Hacking as she is left to raise the couple’s four alternative kids alone who weren’t in the car. It’s been nearly two years since the accident, however that has not stopped Hacking from making sure that no alternative family has to endure such a slap within the face.

Here is more from Fox Business:

In March 2016, Courtney Hacking’s husband, 4-year old daughter and 22-month old son were killed by an illegal immigrant — without a license — in a car collision.

But rather than being sentenced to a lengthy prison term, Margarito Quintero Rosales was sentenced to two years behind bars, after which he will be deported back to his homeland, Mexico.

Hacking on Tuesday told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria” there is a double standard in how America’s judicial system treats illegal immigrants versus American citizens.

“If I had committed that crime I feel I probably would have served the maximum sentence for it, however, because this person is an illegal citizen he still has the rights that our country gives to American citizens yet he doesn’t receive the same punishment.”

Hacking says that double standard is leading to illegal immigrants coming to America without fear of the potential consequences of a crime.

“So, we’re telling them to come to America because, I mean, we can’t do anything to you.”

Hacking predicts Rosales will return to the U.S. after he is released from prison and sent back to Mexico.

“At the end of it, the man who killed my family got two years, and he’ll be out in April, and he’ll go right back to Mexico, and two days later he’ll come right back because nothing says he can’t.”

The fact that Rosales is getting released early is particularly galling because Hacking’s husband had followed U.S. laws when he came to America.

“Finding out it was an illegal immigrant, my husband himself was an immigrant, he came from England, he came here legally, he did it the right way, and he was a big believer in legal immigration, as am I.” 

This is exactly why we need a wall to be designed on our southern border and our immigration laws to be implemented so that no other family has to suffer such a horrific loss. The actual fact that the left would rather fight to protect dirty immigrants who are criminals and not American families shows were their priorities are that is why we need to make sure we vote them out in this year’s mid-term election.

No other American family should have to suffer this type of loss if we are able to help and it’s time that we kick out all illegals once and for all.




Featured Image Source. H/T FreedomDaily



  1. gloria whaley

    February 20, 2018 at 3:13 am

    Build the wall ,very very tall , Now !

  2. carol Perrine

    February 20, 2018 at 6:49 am

    This is true yeah well now knowing this I’m not happy with the illegally they come in build the wall get sniper’s to work to keep them out anyone else that is getting special treatment.I’m very upset now no wonder These stories will make you shiver. This Is Not A kill zone period.

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