Hollywood’s Billy Baldwin Shares Story On How He Almost Lost His Wife To Donald Trump

Billy Baldwin, brother of famous actor an Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin, blamed President Trump for endeavoring to hit on his significant other. Baldwin recounted the story after commenting on one of Eric Trump’s twitter statuses. “Talk amongst yourselves: Two more women accuse Sen Al Franken of inappropriate touching,” tweeted Eric Trump.

“Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations. In fact… I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel… your father showed up uninvited & hit on my wife… invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City. She showed his fat ass the door. #TrumpRussia” tweeted Billy Baldwin without proving.

Possibly there is something else entirely to the story. Each one of the cleaned up on-screen actor’s statuses are about President Trump. Be that as it may, not about his governmental issues. All the more pretty much him as a man. He appears to have an exceptionally individual quarrel against the President.

“I’ll take “things that never happened” for $100,” reacted one client. “Mos def… begged her to go to AC with him. She gave him the Heisman and he squirmed off into the night with his security detail,” Baldwin wrote accordingly.

“Think that’s good … wait till I tell you about doing scenes in acting class with Marla Maples (terrific person!!) in the late 80s. It was before Ivana or the press even knew. We rehearsed in her apartment & Donny Boy would call every 20 mins to check up on us. #VeryInsecureDude,” wrote Billy Baldwin in a follow up.

Featured Image Source. H/T Conservative101.

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