Hillary Clinton Publishes A Letter To Her Teenage Self, Get Ready To Laugh

Hillary Clinton, once a presidential hopeful is presently investing her energy composing love letters to herself for Teen Vogue Magazine. The independently published article is called “Hillary Clinton’s Letter to Her Teenage Self Is So Powerful.”

She portrayed all the capable ladies she saw when she initially touched base in school. This negates her account that men are persecuting ladies, yet there you go. “When you initially touched base on grounds, you got yourself encompassed by splendid, fulfilled ladies. They were familiar with different dialects. They had lived abroad. They had just perused a large portion of the books on the syllabus,” she composed.

“That was scaring—so scary, truth be told, that you called your folks and disclosed to them you didn’t have a place at Wellesley all things considered, and you expected to return home. Your father, who’d never truly needed you to go so far away for school in any case, was more than prepared to welcome you back. However, your mom was not going to give that a chance to happen. She said you must be overcome; you needed to stick it out. Also, you had the great sense not to contend, which ended up being extraordinary compared to other choices you made,” she composed.

She neglected to caution herself of her significant other undermining her and her mortifying misfortune to Donald Trump.

“Not far off, your tall, nice looking beau who’s wild about legislative issues will request that you move to Arkansas with him. It will be a truly abnormal proposal—truth be told, your companion Sara will spend the whole drive to Little Rock attempting to talk you out of it—yet your heart will control you right,” she composed. Gee.

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