CNN’s Tapper Accuses Republican Of Not Caring About Child Molestation Because He’s Republican

During a meeting with Alabama Republican gathering seat Marty Connors, Jake Tapper approached in the event that he would vote in favor of a youngster molester over a Democrat. The hint is that he thinks more about governmental issues than a man attacking kids.

“Did you trust the informers of Bill Clinton when they turned out amid the Clinton years? Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick and Gennifer Flowers and the others? Kathleen Willey, did you trust them?” asked Tapper.

“Ok, I don’t know about them. I do trust the blue dress,” reacted Connors. “I figure, here’s an inquiry for you, on the off chance that it descended, in a decision between a Republican who had been demonstrated a kid molester or a Democrat, would you vote in favor of the Democrat?” asked Tapper.

“I would vote against the kid molester if demonstrated,” said Connor. “What’s more, does it should be demonstrated in an official courtroom for you? Is that the standard?” asked Tapper.

“Indeed, I mean, what are we managing here? Actualities? Or, then again would we say we are selling tattle? What’s more, now, I believe we’re hawking tattle,” said Tapper. CNN and the liberal media need to totally toss out due process keeping in mind the end goal to ‘trust’ each lady. It shouldn’t be disputable to state that anybody is equipped for lying. We can’t simply dump each lawmaker who anybody blames for anything without prove. Regardless of the amount Jake Tapper needs us to. On the off chance that he gets what he needs at that point it won’t be long before he is blamed. Look at the video underneath

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