CNN’s April Ryan Reveals Plan To Stop Trump, and It’s As Bad As You Would Think

CNN political investigator and American Urban Radio Network’s White House reporter April Ryan has some major issues. She’s fundamentally an against Trump lobbyist taking on the appearance of a journalist. Her most recent jokes really affirm this, as she made two hostile activities went for the president.

As President Donald Trump was finishing a MLK Day recognition ceremony, having marked an official declaration and afterward shaking the hands of the participants, Ryan started yelling, “Are you racist?”

An attendee looks at her likes she’s deluded and loudly says, “No.” She rudely responds “We’re talking to the president, not you” and continues to yell. She knows he’s not going to respond, she just wants to get in yelling “Are you a racist” on camera.

She thereafter appeared on CNN and spoke of a plan that an unnamed “African-American influencer” had discussed with her as a unique response to Trump’s reported ‘sh**hole’ comments. The president has denied making the comments.

From Free Beacon:

On “The Situation Room” Friday, Ryan cited an unnamed “influencer” and “child and product of the sixties” who advocated that anti-Trump activists call various companies and talk about Trump’s comments. She said asking if Trump is racist is not enough, that people need to do something that will have an “economic impact.”

“It’s one thing to ask if he’s a racist and that’s OK, but the next thing is, since this continues to happen there needs to be something to dynamic, some kind of leverage,” Ryan said. “And this influencer said what needs to happen, and it’s kind of—she made me laugh with it, but it’s real. She said what people need to do—black and brown people need to do—is pick up the phone and start calling the airlines and saying, ‘Book me a ticket to S-hole.’”

“And if they say we don’t have that, say, ‘Well, look again,’” she added. “Then the influencer said you also need to call the telephone company, tie up the lines and call the telephone company talking about ‘I need to have my international phone plan include S-hole.’”

Are you serious?

Are you going to tie up the airlines with this childish nonsense? You’re going to end up under arrest for interfering with the conduct of an airline or harassment.

Ryan continued that people have been discussing ways to stop Trump.

“There is talk now about what to do to change the dynamic of this because the president is talking about his base, but there is a large portion of America who does not accept this kind of thing and they’re now thinking about what can be done because we now have to go off of Twitter and move into action to change this dynamic,” Ryan concluded.

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  1. Randy Sieg

    January 16, 2018 at 2:39 am

    April Ryan needs to be have her White House press credentials pulled… she does nothing but spew racism and hate all the time… time for her to be excluded until she learns some manners and can act like a human being…

    • Gene

      January 19, 2018 at 10:17 pm

      They all need to grow up, she sounds like the little girl on the playground that someone called her a bad name and now they are going to do something moronic to get even…. Since when is shithole a racist remark, if he even said it?

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