CNN Analyst: FBI is ‘Ticked’ At Trump, What They Plan to Do Confirms Every Rumor

On Friday, on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” CNN’s counter-terrorism analyst Phil Mudd made remarks setting social media ablaze when he seemed to confirm a “Deep State” threat against President Donald Trump.

Mudd is known for making controversial statements. His last appearance was insane, where, in a fit over Trump’s alleged s**thole comments, Mudd said every vile racial and ethnic slur he could think of live on air.

The panel on the show was discussing the FISA Abuse memo released by the House Intel Committee and the FBI’s reaction to it.

The host asked Mudd what he knew of the FBI’s reaction. That was when Mudd said that the FBI was vowing to “win” in their “game” against Trump.

The relevant part is from the beginning to about 1:22.

From Breitbart:

“The president is talking about basically corruption at the FBI today, but we oppose the leadership,” he said. “The workforce is going to look at this and say, this is an attack on our ability to conduct an investigation with integrity. There are hundreds of agents and analysts working on this investigation. It’s not just Christopher Wray, the FBI Director.”

“So, the FBI people — I’m going to tell you are ticked, and they’re going to be saying, I guarantee it, you think you could push us off this because you can try to intimidate the director, you’d better think again, Mr. President,” he continued. “You’ve been around for 13 months; we’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played, and we’re going to win.”

Wait, what?

You’re actually saying the FBI is threatening the President, confirming the Deep State rumor?


Unbelievable that this guy would think that this was a justifiable comment threatening to take out the President of the United States.

Needless to say, Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree.

Protip, Mr. Mudd, the President is the head of the executive branch, he is not subservient to the FBI.

How dare Trump question the corruption of the FBI?

Confirming the rumors.

Now, one would hope that this guy is just nuts. Many former FBI officials have actually condemned their actions as described in the memo. And the rank and file FBI members were not aligned with Comey’s folks, the “seventh-floor” officials, who they believed didn’t understand the field.

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